is dead!

**Updates 30/1/2016 – I’ve updated the list of alternatives and added the linksParse is dying to the migration tools/guides that they are creating.

Facebook yesterday announced the shutdown of Parse as a service. This isn’t new in the world of MBaaS, StackMob met the same fate when Paypal acquired it in 2014.

The way Facebook is going to execute the closure is that the service will continue to run until January 28th 2017. Until then, they advise their users to use the open sourced the Parse server, host and manage it on your own. However there are missing parts in the open source Parse server; the Push delivery, Analytics, and Config are not part of it. Parse Server – Github repository.

The migration path has been clearly defined and can be done over a weekend. The migration guide is available here.


This leaves a large gap for the other MBaaS solutions to come in, create tools for migration and acquire existing Parse users. Alternative MBaaS solutions to be considered are:

  1. Backendless – A great option, feature rich, includes analytics and push delivery. Includes a cloud hosted Free Tier with limits. They are working on a migration path from Parse.
  2. App42 – A cloud-hosted MBaaS, having feature parity with Parse. Has a free tier. One of the first to create a migration tool from Parse.
  3. Firebase – Owned by Google has a free tier. Doesn’t have analytics and push delivery.
  4. StrongLoop – Open source, nodejs based, self-hosted. Includes push notifications.
  5. Kinvey – Hosted service, doesn’t have a free tier. Feature rich, but expensive.
  6. DreamFactory – Open source, self-hosted. Doesn’t have analytics and push delivery.
  7. Couchbase Mobile – Open source, self-hosted. Doesn’t have analytics and push delivery.

How many of you are using Parse? How are you going to go forward?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.